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Lone Star Shindig Tickets

Ticket Prices:
$26 via Paypal
$25 via check or money order

Although we do aim to misbehave, we also aim to be prepared for any emergency that may arise. We ask that you inform us of anything regarding your medical history or possible emergency situations that you would like us to know. We will only use this information to make sure we are prepared for all possible scenarios, and we will not share it with anyone. If you have any questions about this form, please feel free to contact

We'll have options for vegetarians and vegans available on request. If you have any other meal requirements, please inquire prior to registration.

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Dec 4 - Friday Night
Abbey Fashion Show
Dec 5 - Saturday Afternoon
Costume Picnic in the Park
Dec 5 - Saturday Night
Catered reception featuring The Bedlam Bards
Dec 6 - Sunday Afternoon
Serenity on the Big Screen